Healing Festive 5 Mile 19 December 1999
Photos By Dave Jobson, Weelsby Dash by Don Zitman
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JB breastfed by
Eddie Edwards
Jogger Haines
Tracking JB
(Parker Knoll)
Healings own
K Palmer
F Fenwick
M Pickwell
Clee Ac kicks
off the bend
Steve Green
Andy Hartley
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Susan gets
accosted by
J Wetherley
The Tinman
Terry Willis
Race Winner
Paul Clark
Clee AC

Huddy & Mad Dog
Support Eddie
Les Lyon
Wolds Vets
Age 70
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Healing 5m Race start
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les_lyons_weelsby.jpg (16523 bytes) Race Winner
Weelsby Dash
Norma Zitman
Weelsby Dash
D Ellmore
Weelsby Dash
Les Lyon
Weelsby Dash