Lincolnshire Wolds 10 Mile 25 September 1999
Photos By Dave Jobson, Use & Abuse as you like.
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Chris Hunsley
Malcolm Packer
Douglas Craggs Gary Coulam Andy Gristwood
And pack
John Hudson
Terry Willis
Jane Colebrook
Wolds Vets
Jane_Group.JPG (49939 bytes) Jasmine_Truck.jpg (96623 bytes) Kim_Alf.JPG (13737 bytes) Leaders.jpg (159562 bytes) Mick_Hall.JPG (42274 bytes) Norma.JPG (15207 bytes)
Jane Colebrook
& large group
Jasmine Powell
Mo Robinson
Alf Harries
Kim Wardle
Leading pack
1st 3 to finish
Mick Hall
at the helm
Norma Zitman
Wolds Vets
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Peter Pickwell
Winner, Altrincham
Peter Pickwell
M45 Record
P.Clark 3rd
J Redmond 2nd
P Clark
Clee Ac 57.12
M Pickwell
T Weston
Early leader
R Parrott
Steve_Picky.jpg (225238 bytes) Terry_Natalie.JPG (10995 bytes) Tony_JB.jpg (99450 bytes) TParry.jpg (63956 bytes)
S Green
T Willis
Natalie Bartlett
T Weston
chased by JB
T Parry and
!st lady J Mara

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