Horror on the Humber September 2020.

Ok, so I don't know if its been the weather especially the wind, the distance to travel or the prospect of running up Gravel Pit Rd hill at the end. Either way the challenge name was apt. It appeared most were scared off. We had a grand total of seven participants, including myself, Steve Brewin, Mike MacDougall, Chris Burkitt, Helen Robinson, Lydia Gibbs and Karen Valentine.

The first weeekend we had 5 runners, braving 40 mph winds accross the humber as part of Mike's gangs Sunday social run. From a newbies perspective, the standouts for me were Mike MacDougall who lead the run with ease and Steve Brewin. Steve not only was the only runner who ran the route on his own in one go, but after passing us near the start a he finished, he then turned around, caught us up, then ran the whole thing over just for giggles.

The next weekend Lydia and her friend Karen had a bash too. Weather being a little kinder the only stopped once for a quick selfie. They both stated they weren't out to compete, just wanted to have a go to say they had done it.

The event ran down Gravel Pit Road hill, along Far Ings Lane, over the bridge to the edge of the car park and back the same way, finishing on the dreaded hill. As well as recording times for the event and the segment on the end hill. lots of bonus points were awarded for not stopping, on the event or the final segment, specified time limits, position for the event and segment respectively and segment pace compared to 10k PB pace.


Overall positions
Based on points earned for listed objectives.
1. Steve Brewin - 390 Points
2. Mike MacDougall - 280 Points
3. Graham Colbeck - 220 Points

Event Positions
Total elapsed time for the whole run.
1. Steve Brewin - 49:42
2. Mike MacDougall - 1:06:09
3. Chris Burkitt - 1:06:18

Segment Positions
Time for final uphill segment.
1. Mike MacDougall - 7:02
2. Steve Brewin - 7:19
3. Chris Burkitt - 7:29

Thanks to everyone who took part and well done!

Graham Colbeck