Offas Dyke 15 mile XC Race,  Hay-On -Wye,   Herefords.
One of the most popular races for local athletes who have competed here on the Welsh border
since the early 1980s. Race usually mid June and very hot !!
John Clark from Grimsby Harriers has won the race on 2 occassions and the Grimsby
trio of John Clark, John Barker and Graham Anderson won the coveted team trophy
in 1990.
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offas_thumb08.jpg (8946 bytes)
Cleethorpes AC mob
offas_thumb01.jpg (9058 bytes)
Pair of Webbos with hair
Last 2 on right
offas_thumb02.jpg (9899 bytes)
Race winner J Clark
with designer head gear
offas_thumb06.jpg (9048 bytes)
circa 1986
offas_thumb03.jpg (6341 bytes)
Team winners 1990
J Clark, G Anderson
J Barker
offas_thumb04.jpg (8246 bytes)
The Greens model the
coveted Offas sweatshirt

offas_thumb05.jpg (8409 bytes)
The Davis family at rear
with D.Sleeth,P Green
offas_thumb09.jpg (6634 bytes)
Head table apres race
offas_thumb10.jpg (8453 bytes)
"Colonel" John Powell
offas_thumb11.jpg (8617 bytes)
S Anderson, J Barker,
Susan Green, G Anderson
S Green , M Fleming
offas_thumb12.jpg (7894 bytes)
Glenys Hudson & Hilary
offas_thumb13.jpg (12076 bytes)
Pics by Steve Green